Saturday, 27 February 2016

Retail Operation at DTD

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail POS application from the Standard Data and following are the different process that one can do :

 Now one needs to enter the user ID and Password to log in :
I am using the id as 000154 (A Manages ID ) and password is 123.
Entering the password now :
So finally this is how the standard MS Dynamics AX 2012 POS for Seatle Store (Detail for the same I will cover later) :
So here one can see we have all the related POS Buttons on the screen.
Start of the Day @ POS = Float entry :
Once you click on the drawer and shift operation button , then there are several activities related to the same are covered:
 After clicking the Float Entry Button from the above screen shot , one gets the following screen for float entry:
 Here I am starting with the  1000 Local retail currencies.
So here I am at the sales screen of the POS, where i can scan items, search items and sale them:
A Typical Search screen for the item, Note that here i can search Customers too.
After selecting an item i can also check its details like in the following screen:
So I have selected the item , and now that item details are reflecting on my POS sales screen :
I can also change the qty of the selected item by just clicking on the Edit Transaction, and update qty button:
I can also give Line discount amount on the item like in the following screen:
 So there are info codes (Reason codes) attached to the Discounts and i am being prompted with the following screen:
   I a selecting the customer satisfaction button :
 So lets look at the item details now, also on the updated quantity and Balance amount:
 there are possibility of the changing the Unit of Measure at the POS itself :
  One can also add a comment to the Item , which is a very good functionality
Lets check the details at the POS item line with all the details of Comment , qty and the line discount :
Lets pay the bill now and check out the payment screen, its nice to have a full screen for the payment where one have the ability to select the payments by the denomination.
So select the appropriate payment and complete the sales.
Customer Creation at POS:
We can create the customers at the POS screen itself by clicking on the New customer link on the sales screen:
Following are the form in which one can enter the details :
You can drill down to view the customer group as follows:
once you are done then there will be following confirmation page :
so you will see the following details as on the POS:
Creating the New address for the customer :
Selecting the country code at POS :
Selecting the State Code :
Now check out the address change / Update at the POS Screen :

Customer Order creation at POS :
First scan the items that the customer wants :
Then click on the create customer order button :

following is the customer order creation page Check out the sales order / Quote button :
Check out the quote screen :
Click on the search button to search a customer and add the customer to the sales order:
search the customer you want and then click on the customer and click select :
Now click on the add button , once the customer details are populated :
Click on the shipping and delivery link :
So here you can select to ship all/ Pick all or you can do the combination of ship and pick for different items and quantities.
I will ship 1 qty of the order and 1 qty the customer will pick up from other store:
Following is the shipping information i can fill :
Select all the needed information and the screen will look like as follows:
Click on the OK Button:
So check out the ship button is automatically ticked here :
Now try to pick the last item for the customer from other store :
So you can see the above details wherein i have selected 1 item for pick and one for ship.
Lets have a look at now to the order summery, and how it will look like :
Click on OK and proceed to the sales screen for the payment now :
Pay the total amount and you are done :
These are the basic POS Operations performed at Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Retail POS.