Saturday, 27 February 2016

Assign Workers to Retail Store

Go to Retail>Stores>”Select the store to which my POS system belongs to”
  • Click Setup> Workers; you will see the list of employees who are responsible for the selected store.
  • Store-Workers
    Personal number of employee is going to be Operator number that we need to submit during the POS login.
  • Go to employee’s master and click Retail tab and change the password of the employee. This is the password the employee has to use while logging in.
  • Transfer data changes to the store database:
    As we discussed in the previous post, to get the data transferred from AX database to store database, you would need to run some jobs.
    To transfer the employee related data to the store database:
  • Go to Retail>Periodic>Data distribution> Distribution schedule.
  • Select the job with description “Staff” and click run. (Since we updated employee related data we are running a job which transfers the staff data to store data base).
  • Once you receive a successful message, you are ready to login to your POS using the operator id and the password you have changed.
  • How to configure a new employee to be able to login to the POS:
    Scenario: Sunny is a new employee who has been hired to Seattle store and has to be given access to login to the POS.
    Employees should be in the address book of the stores to gain the access to the POS. Let’s see how to link an employee to the stores.
    Go to Stores and select “Seattle” store to see the “Address book” of the stores. A new employee who is hired should be linked with the same address book as stores.
    Linking employees to a store
    You can notice “Sunny” is now an employee connected to “Seattle” store.
    Points to remember while you are linking an employee to a store:
  • Employee doesn’t need to be connected to a user in AX.
  • Employee must have a position assigned.
  • Employee should have the same address book as the stores.
  • Run the job “Staff” in the distribution schedule” to get the data reflected into your store database.
  • Guys, with this information you will now be able to login to POS and start exploring the POS system. In my further posts, I will take you with the configurations part.