Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Create Alert Rule Dynamics AX

Create Alert Rule
Step 1: Path: Inventory and Warehouse Management/Inquiries/Dimensions/Batches
Step 1.png 
Step 2: Right click on the field 'Expiration Date' and select 'Create Alert Rule'
Step 2.png 
Step 3: Create alert rule form pops-up
Step 3.png 
Step 4: Pull the 'Event' drop down box and select 'Is Due In'
Step 4.png 
Step 5: When you select 'Is Due in' the box on the right hand side becomes selectable
Step 5.png 
Step 6: Pull the drop down box on the right hand side and select 2 weeks
Step 6.png 
Step 7: Enter a personalized message if you want to (optional)
Step 7.png 
Step 8: 'Alert Who' field by default will show the user who created the 'Alert'
Step 8.png 
Step 9: To receive emails click on 'Other Alerts'
Step 9.png 
Check the 'Send e-mail' and it will default your email address.  If the e-mail address is not defined on the user setup, then you will not see this option.
Step 10: Click on 'Ok'
Step 10.png 
This will setup the alerts on the 'Expiration date'
Step 11: When you receive an alert you will see it in the bottom right hand side similar to your outlook email notification.  You will also see it on your home page.
Step 12: You can also click on the Icon on the right hand side of your screen.  When you click on it, the notification list form opens up.
Step 12.png 
Step 13: From the notification list you can click on 'Go to Origin' and it will take you to the record which caused the alert to be generated.
Step 13.png