Saturday, 11 June 2016

How To Create Purchase Order Credit Note to Reverse Invoiced PO

If you want to create a credit note for a vendor, create a new purchase order for that vendor and then click on the credit note button, select the invoice you want to credit and the lines of the original purchase order are added to your new purchase order with inverted quantities. In this way you can credit a previously invoiced purchase order.

An important note to remember is that we cannot create the credit note directly in the same invoice after invoicing a PO as the Credit note button is not active. To create a credit note we have to do it in a new PO. 


Credit note creation: To create a Purchase Credit Note follow below process, this is a easy way to do a credit note.

Just follow below simple steps after creating and invoicing a purchase order:


Procurement and sourcing > Common > Purchase order > All Purchase orders > New purchase order 

Fill Mandatory Fields 

Before adding new lines to the PO go to the Purchase tab and click Credit Note in Create Section as shown in the screen shot below. 

Based on the selected vendor in the header level all the Invoiced PO’s are listed.

Now select the Invoiced PO which you would like to create the Credit Note for from the list.

Just remember that multiple invoiced PO’s cannot be selected from the list as the Credit Note can be created only for one at a time.

Click OK

As in the next screen shot once the OK button is clicked,
under purchase order line a new –ve line is added, then follow the normal PO process 
and Click Confirm

After the confirmation the status is changed to Confirmed

Then go to the Receive Tab, click Product Receipt button enter the product receipt number (as it is mandatory) then click OK.

After completing the Product Receipt the purchase order status changed as a Received.

Then go to the Invoice tab click on invoice button give the invoice number then post the Invoice/order.

After completing the invoice the purchase order status changed to Invoiced.

This is the complete Purchase Order Credit note Process.