Saturday, 1 August 2015

Create Sales order from Creation to Invoice

Step 1: Select Account Receivable -> Common -> All Sales Order

Step 2 : Click Sales Order (left corner)

Step 3: Input required information in Sales order header screen and Click Ok

Step 4 : After clicked Ok on the above (Sales header) screen.  Sales line screen will be displayed as below;

Input Item details, warehouse information  and required sales qty.

Confirming Sales Order

Step 5 : Click Sell menu and Click Sales order confirmation option;

Note :  Sales Order confirmation screen will be displayed; Select required information (Print options) and click Ok

Posting Packing slip
Step 6: Click Pick and Pack menu and click Packing slip option.

Note : Packing slip dialog box will be displayed.  Input Packing slip Qty and click Ok.

Check the Sales order status; order status should be “Delivered”

Invoice in Sales order

Step 7 : Click Invoice menu and click Invoice option

Check the Sales order status; order status should be “Invoiced”